Why being board certified in labor and employment law matters

The Texas Board of Legal Specialization was established by the Texas State Bar in 1974 with the goal of promoting the quality and availability of attorneys’ services in certain areas of the law. The idea behind establishing this Board was that by allowing attorneys to become specialized, the standards of the legal profession would be higher, and clients would be better served. The Board certifies lawyers in 23 specific areas of law, including Labor and Employment, as well as certifying paralegals in seven legal areas. The Board is the only organization permitted to certify attorneys in specialized areas.

The process of achieving Board Certification is extremely rigorous. Attorneys who wish to become certified need to practice for at least five years with three years of substantial involvement in a particular area of law, finish Continuing Legal Education requirements related to the specialization from a provider that’s approved, provide at least five qualified vetted references, give documentation on relevant experience, and pass an exam that lasts for a day and is comprehensive.

These requirements are all on top of the requirements necessary to become a lawyer in the first place. Over 100,000 attorneys are licensed to practice in the state, but of these, only 7,350 are Board Certified. Within Texas, a Board Certification in Labor and Employment Law signifies that an attorney has significant experience in employment law matters and has also showed special competence within that area.

Only attorneys who are Board Certified may represent themselves to others as specialists. Attorneys are not allowed to claim specialization within Texas unless they have earned the Board Certification in Texas. A Labor and Employment Law Board Certification sets an attorney apart as having a particular commitment to excellence in that area. In order to stay certified in this area, attorneys must continue to be involved in that specialization as well as provide references from their peers and continue to take approved continuing legal education.

For most people, their jobs are a defining feature of their lives, and without jobs they would not be able to survive. Accordingly, the terms of their employment contract as well as how they are treated on the job are extraordinarily important. If you are treated unfairly on the job or in applying for a job due to a characteristic of your identity, you may need legal help. Being able to get representation from an attorney who is Board Certified in Labor and Employment may make the difference between working or not working, being promoted to a better paying position or not being promoted, or getting paid or not getting paid.

Even if your matter is more basic, such as your employer wanting you to sign a non-compete or work off the clock, you should retain a Board Certified attorney to represent you. When you have representation from a Board Certified attorney, your employer’s attorney is more likely to take your claim seriously, since a Board Certified attorney is particularly knowledgeable about employment law.

Our attorney, Adam S. Greenfield, is board certified by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization. He’s successfully represented employees at all stages of litigation and in all types of employment law matters, including both traditional employment matters and federal statutory violations. He’s an up and coming attorney and was named a Texas Rising Star in 2014.

Numerous important questions that affect your employment or the employment of your family and friends are likely to come before the Supreme Court. It can be important to obtain representation from an experienced employment lawyer when you have a dispute with your employer regarding discrimination or other matters. Contact us at (214) 528-6500 or via our online intake form.

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