Austin Campbell

We asked Austin Campbell, a knowledgeable and dedicated trial attorney in the Dallas office of Rob Wiley, P.C. to give his honest thoughts on an array of questions. After reading, you will be more informed with the competency and advocacy Mr. Campbell holds.

1. Why did you start practicing labor and employment law?

I first worked on a lot of employment law cases when I interned for several judges in law school. After that, I decided to join my law school’s labor and employment law student organization and learned a lot more about actual practice in that area. Labor and employment law really drew my attention because it touches on so many important aspects of life and the law, and also is a way for me to use my degree to help human beings and make a positive contribution in the world.

2. Who is your favorite Supreme Court Justice?

Currently? Probably Stephen Breyer.

In history? In terms of his contributions to the law and personal freedom, I have to say Earl Warren.

3. What do you think is the most important part of a good case?

More than any one fact, I think having a good rapport with your client is key. I am best able to represent my clients when there is open communication and trust, so that I have a clear idea what the client wants, and the client knows what their responsibilities are as well.

4. If you could write a new law, what would it do?

Universal healthcare. Or if it had to be something related to employment, probably a robust paid family/medical leave law that has teeth to prevent employers from interfering with that right.

5. What skills do you value as an employment attorney?

Listening, but also knowing when to stand your ground and take decisive action. Persuasiveness and an ability to think fast, as well.

6. What’s the best part of living in Dallas?

I would say the best part of living in Dallas is the convenience of everything. We have just about any amenity you could possibly want here — including lots of restaurants, entertainment, and outdoor activities. And, it’s relatively easy to get around the city or travel the country.

7. What do you do when you’re not practicing law?

I try to spend a lot of time outdoors when I can—running, biking, swimming. That and seeing plays, movies, and concerts with friends. I also read a lot for fun.

8. What’s your favorite legal movie

My Cousin Vinny.

9. What do you most want your clients to know about you?

I really am here to help you, but that means we should be up front with one another.

10. Do you always win?

Of course not. Every case is different and practicing employment law on behalf of employees’ in Texas is often challenging. I don’t think you could get very far in employment law—or law in general—if you always expected to win. The important thing is to always do your very best.

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