Deontae Wherry

We asked Deontae Wherry, a passionate and experienced trial attorney in the Dallas office of Rob Wiley, P.C., to impart his authentic answers to a variety of questions. After reading, you will have a better understanding of the devotion and compassion Mr. Wherry embodies when representing his clients.

1. Why did you start practicing labor and employment law?

In all honesty, I never thought I would be practicing labor and employment law. I took employment in law school and figured I would never see employment law again. And, here I am. I always wanted to practice an area of the law that was connected to civil rights. As a young kid growing up, I only thought criminal law was that area. However, when I began searching for my next opportunity, I found there was an intersection between employment law and civil rights. At the moment, I knew I had found my passion. Every employee deserves to be treated fairly so that he or she can live out the American Dream.

2. Who is your favorite Supreme Court Justice?

The one and only Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

3. If you could write a new law, what would it do?

Of course, as someone who aspires to run for elected office, I have several ideas. The first law I would write would increase the federal minimum wage.

4. Besides Rob Wiley, P.C., what is the most interesting job that you have had?

In high school, I started my own gift basket business and I sold gift baskets for any and all occasions. I was known as the kid with the baskets.

5. What’s the best part of living in Dallas?

It’s no secret that Dallas is the best city in the state. I love what Dallas has to offer. Everything I want in a city is here. Well, maybe not a beach, but we have lakes with sand. That’ll do. And the best part of it all is, I get to do so much of this fun stuff with family and friends.

6. If you were not practicing labor and employment law what would you be?

I’d be a history teacher.

7. What’s your favorite legal movie?

Just Mercy. I have always enjoyed reading about Bryan Stevenson and the Equal Justice Initiative. I probably said this is my favorite legal movie because I have watched it twice during #Quarantine2020.

8. Who’s your favorite judge?

Justice Thurgood Marshall

9. Do you always win?

Although I want to always win, it doesn’t always happen, but I am certainly not going down without a fight.

10. Did Carole Baskin kill her husband?

Although I haven’t finished watching the show, I firmly believe she did. If you disagree, let’s discuss after your consultation.

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