Helpful Tips and Tools When Dealing with a Workplace Investigation in Texas

When employees are involved in an actual or perceived workplace conflict, such as a claim of employment discrimination, employers will often conduct an internal investigation in order to protect their own interests. Although workplace investigations can bolster an employee’s claim in some cases, these investigations can also be very detrimental. In certain situations, an internal investigation can hurt an employee if they are being falsely accused of certain conduct or if their allegations are being ignored.Many times, employers do not properly conduct workplace investigations because they do not effectively plan the investigation, they ignore complaints, or they wait too long to conduct the investigation. Furthermore, employers may also lose their sense of objectivity, become aggressive, or fail to keep proper records of their investigation. It is very important that employees have appropriate support and assistance during these investigations, since the outcome can have a lasting impact on their professional and personal lives.

When an employee is asked to participate in or attend a workplace investigation, it is important that they have a Dallas employment attorney assist them through the process. Many employers will try and minimize the significance of the investigation in an attempt to get the employee to participate in the process without an attorney.

Furthermore, there are many policies and procedures that employers are required to heed when requesting an investigation. Some common policies are that the investigation should be done during work hours and cannot be done when the employee is sick. Employees should know that it is important to attend the meeting, but their rights should also be respected. Moreover, employees can request to have another person attend the meeting with them, such as an attorney. If the employer denies this request, this may be used against them in a subsequent discrimination or unlawful termination proceeding.

During a meeting, it is important that employees take care to listen to the specific allegations and ensure that they are prepared to tell their side of the story. An attorney is an indispensable resource, since they can ensure that an employee is able to provide all relevant and pertinent details. A workplace investigation may be presented as neutral and benign, but that is rarely the case. Consulting with a lawyer prior to or during an investigation can have a monumental impact on the outcome of a case.

Are You Being Investigated by Your Texas Employer?

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